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About Us

  • Founded in 2003 in Davie, Florida.

  • Fueled by the vision of becoming the most outstanding distributor, offering a first-class service to the medical community worldwide. ​

  • We are proud of working with Tissue Banks and companies that comply with all the legal requirements, that are AATB accredited, that comply with all the FDA requirements and that are ISO 13485 certified. We focus on working with ethical providers of high quality allografts and medical devices, which are obtained with respect and consideration to the donors, their families, the recipients, and the medical communities involved. At the same time, we strive to be on the forefront of new graft development and biotechnology to better serve the patients and the medical professionals.

  • We work in strong cooperation with Organ and Tissue Procurement Organizations, state of the art processing facilities, not-for-profit entities completely focused in the greater benefits for the patients and the better quality of grafts for the medical community.

  • We bring trust worthy options with traditional and specialized allografts. Offerings go from sports medicine allografts, to structural allografts, bone particulates, DBM in different presentations, acellular dermal matrix and skin, as well as the possibility of obtaining patient-specific allografts depending on the particular need that one might have.

  • Safety is one of our priorities, reason why all the allografts we work with have been subject to rigorous quality control processes, serological and microbiological donor testing, as well as exhaustive family-research.

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