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Sports Medicine allografts are an excellent option for deficient or thorn cruciate ligament replacement during reconstructions or revisions. These allografts consist mainly on tendons with bone such as the Achilles Tendon, the Patellar tendon also known as BTB and the quadriceps tendon. We also count with non-bone tendons like the peroneus longus, anterior and posterior tibialis, semitendinosus, and gracilis.

We work with the greatest providers of skin grafts in the whole USA, offering in this way the best quality tissue for wound healing and burn treatment. This tissue type is offered in different sizes and measurements, both pre-meshed or unmeshed according to the surgeon preferences and the patient’s needs, in order to better treat the victims with acute wounds and burns that might risk their lives.

Acellular Dermal Matrix is an acellular dermal scaffold processed from donated human skin. The skin is processed in a way that removes the epidermal layer from the dermis and removes the epidermal and dermal cells from the collagen and elastin that makes up the dermal matrix. Finally, the acellular dermal matrix is packaged and sterilized using low-dose gamma irradiation. The product is stored and supplied frozen.

We offer to the medical community and the patients in need, a great variety of presentations and volumes of bone particulates bone cancellous and corticocancellous. The different types of bone particulates offer a way to regenerate bone and are a viable option for a variety of different types of surgery. All of our allograft offerings are held to the highest standards and are provided and labelled sterile. All donors have passed rigorous screening processes beforehand and the allografts were processed using proprietary methods to ensure the grafts quality as well as the patient’s safety.

Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM) is bone allograft that has had the inorganic minerals removed, leaving behind the organic matrix. This demineralizing process exposes more biologically active bone morphogenetic proteins. As a result of the process, the DBM is more biologically active than bone grafts that do not go through this process, on the other hand, its mechanical and structural characteristics are significantly different.

The structural allografts are a traditional offering that is useful for many different surgery types in diverse medical specialties, mainly but not restricted to orthopedic and trauma. Without leaving aside our safety priorities, all the donors of structural allografts are subject to the greatest quality control standards and have been submitted to an exhaustive screening and testing before being processed, to guarantee the safety of the final patient recipients and of the medical community involved in their use. Among the most common structural allograft offerings, it can be mentioned: whole bone grafts, shafts, struts, cancellous bone blocks, tricortical bone blocks, femoral heads, distal and or proximal bone segments, wedges, dowels, and more.

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