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  • JointRep™ is a thermosensitive bioadhesive hydrogel that rapidly solidifies when heated to body temperature. It is applied directly onto cartilage lesions and sticks firmly.

  • JointRep™ is administered in a one-step procedure as part of a standard arthroscopy, adding only a few minutes to the operation.

  • The operation is performed under local anesthesia and the patient is released the same day and allowed total load ambulation with contralateral crutch after 90 minutes.

  • When applied following a microfracture procedure, it provides a scaffold for stem cells released from the bone marrow. It protects the clot during the healing phase and enables a shortened rehabilitation period.

  • JointRep™ can be applied to cartilage lesions of any size or shape in any joint.

Jointrep Preparation

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